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We help LDS parents achieve the bodies they want in the time that they have so that they can have more time and energy for the things that matter most.

The Four F's

Everything we do is based off of "The 4 F's" -- Family, Food, Fitness, and Faith.

All are so very important, but Family & Faith are the foundation of it all (1 Timothy 4:8). Progress with Food and Fitness only matter if you have things in order with the other two.

We are here to help simplify Food & Fitness, so you have more time and energy for the ones that matter most -- Family & Faith.

Free Stuff

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Quick workouts & Recipes

No need to take an hour or more to get in a good workout--10 minutes is all you need with these workouts.

Plus, simple healthy recipes we love.

Habit Challenge

It takes time to build lasting habits. Download this sheet and begin tracking your simple behaviors to ensure they are on track with the future you want.

Feeding Your Family

Learn how to successfully feed a healthy family. It IS possible to raise healthy eaters and you can do it. Yes, I'm talking to you.

Kitchen Rescue Pak

Learn how to create the perfect meal, how to master meal prep, and a simple guide to ensure your shakes/smoothies are balanced and packed with nutrition. 

Calorie Counting Debunked

Learn a better way to lose weight and reach your goals than tediously counting calories. Plus, see the cost of what it really takes to get lean.

Busy, But Still in Shape

How to stay in shape when you are busy and how to prioritize and maximize your sleep.

Two things every parent needs more help with.

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We are here to Simplify

We have three main services to meet the needs of every Latter-Day Saint parent.

The WoW Project

Get this product if you are unsure of where to begin. This introductory product will break everything down step-by-step on how to improve your health, boost your energy, and get the body you want.

It simplifies the process and gives you everything you need to succeed.

Start Now!


Get the support and guidance each month on what to do with your home workouts, how to succeed with your nutrition, and how to change your behaviors for good.

Plus, connect with and get support from other LDS parents that are improving their bodies, energy levels, and confidence along with you.

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WoW Coaching

Get progressive daily coaching, tracking, and mentoring from me and the world's leading nutrition coaching company for a full year.

No longer be confused about what to do or how to do it. Everything is laid out for you.

This will be sure to get you the lasting relationship with food and body that you want. 

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