Take The Steps That Will Build The Solid Foundation Of A Healthy & Happy Family

Put Family First

Put family first in your life and set goals for what you want for yourself and your family.

Hold 2 Weekly Family Activities

Go on a weekly date with your wonderful spouse & hold a fun family activity each week.

The Daily 3

Prioritize daily personal and family prayers and scripture study, one sit down meal with the whole family, and making a deposit in your loved ones' love tanks.

4 Pillars of Fitness

Develop a winner's mindset, improve your nutrition, increase your movement, and maximize your recovery.

Build Your Support Team

Enlist the help of at least five other people (family and friends) that will help support you and your family in making these changes.

Lace Up!

Making all of these changes is not a sprint. It is a marathon. Take one step at a time. So, put on your shoes and LACE UP!

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