Overcoming Emotional Eating

nutrition step 4 Oct 18, 2016

You Can Overcome the Beast of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is something that every single person in this world struggles with. No one is immune to emotional eating. It gets the best of us.

However, that doesn't mean that we have to just lay down and accept it. All that will do is lead to failure, more emotional eating, lessened self-discipline, and a body that we aren't particularly proud of.


What is emotional eating?

FIrst, before we can go much further, we need to define what emotional eating is. Despite its name, you don't have to be crying while eating your ice cream in order for it to count as emotional eating.

The simplest definition of emotional eating is eating for any other reason other than hunger. 

So, if you are eating because you are stressed, tired, bored, angry, or happy, you are emotionally eating.

Even eating because the food is right there and everyone else is eating is a form of emotional eating.

So, once again, eating for any other reason other than hunger is considered as emotional eating.


Conquering the Beast

Why did I call emotional eating a beast?

Well, because it is.

There are so many different aspects to emotional eating, but the basic principles are simple in their concept and when understood can give you a huge boost in being able to take back control. You can succeed when it comes knocking on your door (or refrigerator).

The main and most important principle in overcoming emotional eating is to recognize that you are doing it.

Once you have noticed that it is happening or that it happened, it is crucial to put on the self-discovery hat and name what you are feeling or what you were feeling at the time.

Once you have named the feeling, you can then think of what would be helpful to actually address that feeling or need that is other than hunger.

Make a quick list of solutions and try the best one. If it doesn't help, simply move down to the next item. Continue until you have found something other than food that satisfies that feeling or need.

Then, whenever you notice that same feeling again, simply go back to what you have found to satisfy. 


Review the steps...

  1. Recognize when you are emotionally eating
  2. Name it (name the locked door)
  3. Select the correct key and unlock the door

Grab a piece of paper. Draw the doors and keys. Then write up what YOUR doors are and a few potential keys that could work for YOU


Practice, Practice, Practice

The more you discover about yourself and succeed with this, the easier it will become and the more power you will have over the beast of emotional eating.

You will soon find that the intimidating muscle rippled beast with sharp fangs and drool dripping from its mouth is really just a normal dog that can be tamed and can be your friend. Just like our good old friends from the Sandlot discovered at the end of a crazy summer.


Truly, the only way to conquer your beast of emotional eating, is to understand what is driving it and then to come up with specific solutions for those things.

It will certainly not happen overnight, but if you seriously put diligent effort into understanding your personal "locked doors" and the "keys" that will unlock them, you will begin to tame your Beast.

Plus, when you base everything through self discovery and common sense principles it won't be a temporary taming. Rather, it will be tame FOR-E-VUR, FOR-E-VUR, FOR-E-VURR!


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