Video #1: Understanding Your Metabolism

We all know that if we have a higher metabolism it will be easier to lose weight and maintain weight loss. Far too often everyone thinks that metabolism is set and that if we have a slow metabolism that it is due to our genetics and there is nothing we can do about it. There couldn't be anything further from the truth. Learn what you need to stop doing immediately in order to rev up your metabolism. Your metabolism is in your control. Discover a few simple behaviors that can ramp it back up and kickstart consistent and reliable weight loss.


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Video #2: Fixing Your Metabolism

Video #3: Pour a Firm Foundation

Video #4: Your Secret Weapon

Video #5: Fat Burning Furnace

Video #6: Narrowing in on Nutrition

Video #7: Nutrition- Meal Examples

Video #8 Total Body Training

Video #9: Leading Out with Lifestyle

Video #10: Renew and Recover

Video #11: Mastering Your Mindset

Your Fat Burning Workout Plan

Burn fat, build strength and lean muscle with this additional and complete workout plan. Everything you need to maximize your metabolism and fat burning is found in this program.

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