Get into the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life - with the help of world class coaching

It is time to take control of your health and get the body you have always wanted.


In January 2019 we will be accepting a small number of coaching clients, join the free pre-sale list now to get the chance to sign-up 24 hours early and save up to 50% off the regular price.

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What you can expect from WoW Coaching

12-months of personal nutrition and exercise coaching to get you and your family in the best shape of your lives.

Get control of your health and fitness without overhauling your life

No more crazy and inconvenient diets. You won't need to stress what to do. We know you don't have much time. So, we will lay out each strategic step for you and show you how to easily apply it in your life.

Achieving the body that you have always wanted

Lose weight, build strength, and greatly increase your energy. Whatever your specific goals, we will coach you to get them. After 12-months you will be in the best shape of your life.

Small Practices. Massive Results.

We will break down the confusion and give you strategic nutritional steps and daily practices that will build line upon line and lead to massive body transformation. You will develop healthy habits that will become second nature and will last a lifetime.

Nutrition & Fitness Practices that fit into your and your family's life

We start and end with you. We will discover what you need and your family dynamics, and then everything will be tailored to your life.

Support from a certified coach that understands the Latter-day Saint Parent

We will give you accountability, direction, and support every step of the way. There is a lot on your plate. I am here to help simplify and guide you through the process.

Backed by science & the Word of Wisdom. Proven with real people.

The curriculum and coaching has been tested and proven with over 100,000 clients to date. Not to mention the steps are based on Word of Wisdom principles.

Guaranteed Results

We will coach you for an entire year. We are confident you will be in the best shape of your life -- or it's free.

Our Lowest Price

My mission is to change, bless, and simplify the lives of Latter-day Saint parents. We've significantly discounted the price so that it can be more affordable for those that are ready to get the body they deserve.

Nutrition Coaching Changes Lives

As already mentioned, my whole goal is to change, bless, and simplify LDS parents' lives. We have so much on our plates already and nutrition and exercise too often comes last. It saddens me to see so many struggle with their health and feelings of self-worth that is tied to their bodies. My mission is to change that. To help simplify this part of your life, and to help you get the results you have always wanted. In order to do that, we use the Precision Nutrition ProCoach system. It is the best in the business and truly changes lives. Here is a video of just a small fraction of the people it has blessed.

Transform Your Body and Health Forever

We will discover what it is that you want and what you will need. Everything will be adapted to your situation, goals, and needs.

"Seth's coaching has helped me so much."

Proven Strategies that will help you Get and Keep the Body You Want

You've probably tried multiple diets and workout programs in the past and realized that they just don't work or they don't last.

Instead of the all-or-nothing approach, we use a sustainable, practice-based approach to build healthy habits into your life, one day at a time.

This is the same way our Father in Heaven works with us. He works line upon line, here a little, and there a little. It is through those small and simple things, that great things are brought to pass in our lives.

We feel His approach is best. 

Work with a proven certified coach that understands the specific needs and challenges of a Latter-day Saint parent

I received my degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in fitness and wellness management. I have numerous coaching, nutrition, and fitness certifications. I have successfully been coaching real people to improved health and fitness for the last 11 years. I live and breathe this stuff everyday, and continue to dedicate my professional life to helping LDS parents just like you to become, fitter, leaner, stronger, and healthier than ever.

Whatever obstacles arise, I am here to help modify your program and offer new solutions. I am part nutritionist, part coach, part friend.

You will be able to reach out at any time to me on the online coaching platform through text, email, or video chat. I will be regularly reviewing your progress and adherence and will reach out with insights, and to provide support and guidance.

You will also have the support of other Latter-day Saint parents that will be making the change right along with you. Their support, experiences, and insights will help you to go much further than you could on your own.

See Exactly How Precision Nutrition's ProCoach System Works

Watch the videos below to see exactly how our coaching platform works.

Women's Program: A Look Inside

Get a glimpse of the coaching platform, curriculum, and support that you will receive over the next year.

Men's Program: A Look Inside

Get a glimpse of the coaching platform, curriculum, and support that you will receive over the next year.

Seth Bigelow

I have dedicated my professional life to helping Latter-Day Saint parents to achieve the health and body that they want with the time that they have so that they can have energy and time for what matters most.

I live and breathe this stuff. It is what makes me happy. I absolutely love what I do because it honestly changes lives. 

Nothing feels better than to see my clients reach their goals and to see a whole new area of their life open up. I love seeing their increased confidence and love for themselves and the strength that comes from knowing that they can do hard things.

This process requires commitment. It requires hard work. It requires sacrifice, patience, and faith. It is not easy, but it is so worth the effort.

Most of all, we will emphasize the importance of family and faith throughout the journey. Health and fitness mean nothing without deeper faith and a stronger family.

"I would not be in the shape that I am in now without Seth’s help. I have surpassed my own expectations as far as what I have accomplished and it is motivation to do more. I cannot express how thankful I am and how instrumental Seth has been in helping me achieve this. He has been cheering for me the entire time and it is great motivation. I consider him a good friend as well and see him as a great role model for health, fitness, and overall well-being. I appreciate everything that he has done for me. "


"It does take love of self to begin a journey of progress, especially when it comes to health/fitness goals.  I have found, for me, it also took someone who believed in me and gives me continual encouragement. I am grateful for the skill and expertise of Seth. I am the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life.  It’s now almost seven years later, and I have kept the weight off.  I’ve gone from 39.5% body fat to 18%. I have truly undergone a lifestyle change...not a phase. "


"Seth is wonderful. When I was having a bad week he would tell me, “there are no bad weeks just opportunities to learn”.  Seth then would help me figure out why that week/day was difficult.  He never made me feel like a failure even when I had my bad weeks.  Once I decided to give 100% to Seth, I kept dropping weight and it became easier to meet my goals.  I am so excited to be a better mother and wife. I can already see a lot of improvement in this area alone. "


"45 lbs!!! That is the amount of weight that I have lost since working with Seth. My measurements have improved all over my body. I don't own anything that fits properly anymore. I had to add a new hole in my belt to keep my pants up. My fitness abilities have also increased. My overall feeling about working with Seth is appreciation. My overall health has improved so much. Seth has helped me reach goals that have been on my list for years but have never been able to achieve before."


"I have learned how to get lean, healthy, and strong. I have learned how to train smarter. This has resulted in a total weight loss of around 30 lbs. A body fat percentage loss of around 12%. The other benefit has been the opportunity to share this experience with my family, friends and loved ones. It has been amazing to see them get stronger, lose weight, eat healthier, and have the same incredible results that I have had from this program. It is a life changing program!"


"Where do I start?!?! I have lost 53lbs and gained a lot of muscle and self confidence. This program has given me more then I ever knew I was missing!"


"Mike has lost 95 pounds and I've lost 50 pounds!"

Nancy & Mike

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our services. If you aren't satisfied with the results you get at the end of the year, we will refund 100% of your investment.

How much will it cost?

The general public price of the coaching program is $179 USD per month for 12 months. But if you join the presale list today, you’ll have the opportunity to get it for a one-time payment of $997 USD or $97 USD per month — a savings of up to 54% off the general public price.

You will get top of the line nutritional coaching, daily habit tracking and accountability and workouts all for about $3/day. Plus, because we are taking a "line upon line" approach, these habits and results will last a lifetime.

Don't miss out on the next coaching program in January 2019. Join the pre-sale list today -- absolutely free.

To give the personal care and attention to each coaching client, I only open up my coaching program to new clients twice a year. So, if you don't want to put off your goals until we open it up again in September, then sign up for the pre-sale list today.

I will send you more information about the coaching program as the date approaches. Then I will send you a link to sign-up 24 hours before the general public at a discounted price of up to 54% off.

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Final Note

Take one small step today toward getting into the best shape of your life - join the pre-sale list.

It might have been a while since you have felt truly confident in your body or full of energy that lasts throughout your day and all of your responsibilities. You might have tried numerous diets and programs only to be disappointed.

Well, the fact that you are still trying and not just giving up says something about you. You are resilient. You refuse to give up or to simply accept the norm of the average North American adult.

Maybe you want something more.

This is your chance to try something different. To take an approach that will give you the time to make a real lasting change. See what having a coach that is dedicated to helping you along this journey can do for you. 

If this is potentially something that you would like to be a part of, then take the small step of signing up for our pre-sale list today, at no cost or obligation. We will send you more information on the program and will give you an early bird link to join the coaching program at half the price for the general public.

We hope to be able to work with you this next year and to help you truly achieve the results that will completely transform your life.

The next step is up to you.

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