Slow Down and Take Care of Yourself

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2017

I have a pretty nasty cold as I am writing this. My sinuses are stuffed, my head hurts, and I feel absolutely drained of all energy.

I have been overworked and stressed in many, many, different areas lately. Like always, I pushed through and got everything done.

During this time, my little 1 and a half year old baby boy has been walking around with a cough and a runny nose.

Even though I should know better, he is just too stinkin' cute with his chubby cheeks and long whispy blonde hair and I just can't help hugging the crap out of him and kissing his chubby little face.

I swear, if he had some horrible and contagious disease, I would be a goner.

Needless to say, his little cold has passed on to me and ramped up with a vengeance. 

My endless pushing into overdrive, lack of sleep, and overreaching has come back to bite me in the hind parts.

It is easy to see where I went wrong.

I should have slowed down and taken more time to rest, sleep, and recover.

I should have said "no" more often.

I should have slowed down.

So, in efforts to help you avoid this simple mistake we are going to cover the importance of sleep and recovery in our blog post this week.


Being an LDS parent, means we are no strangers to being overworked, stressed, and stretched.

We often run faster than we have strength and try to do everything all at once.

This can wreak havoc on our recovery and can lead to:

  • lowered energy
  • sickness
  • burnout 
  • decreased ability to sense fullness (we become hungrier)

Plus, when our lack of recovery becomes chronic it can lead to:

  • increased inflammation
  • increased risk for metabolic syndrome and other chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and others
  • obesity
  • adrenal fatigue
  • lack of patience with our loved ones
  • and many other issues

So, in efforts to help you out with this, I want you to think about how you are feeling right now.

Have you been pushing past the rest stops?

Have you kept your foot on the gas for far too long?

When was the last time you scheduled time for true recovery?--sitting down and getting on your phone doesn't count. I am talking about true relaxation and rejuvenation time.

Have you been getting in consistent high quality and sufficient quantity of sleep?

If it has been too long, I invite you to stop and think about what you need right now. 

What would truly be relaxing and rejuvenating to you right now. 

Whatever comes to mind first, grab a hold of it and schedule it. 

Make time for it. Many times this could simply be to reduce and simplify your life.

Say no to some things that are stressing you out. Delegate some things. Schedule time to recover.

So, once again, write down your answers to these three simple questions and then actually do something about it, because let's be honest, I know you haven't written down any answers to the questions above--and that's ok.

  1. What do you need to simplify in your life right now? How will you do it?
  2. What do you need to cut out or say no to in your life right now?
  3. What would be truly relaxing and rejuvenating for you right now? When will you do it? (put it in the schedule).


Dedicated to your success,





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