What Are You Training For? (Part I)

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2017

Why do you eat healthy and exercise?

Many people have different reasons why they eat healthy and why they engage in regular physical activity.

I read recently about an older gentleman that would frequently train at a gym with some very fit and much younger teenagers and guys in their twenties. When one of the younger kids noticed how dedicated this man was, how frequently and consistently he worked out at the gym, and the intensity at which he worked when he was there, he wanted to know what the man was training for.

He eventually went up to the older man and asked, “What are YOU training for?”

The older gentleman immediately replied, “What am I training for? Son, I am training for LIFE!”

I loved that. It is the perfect response.

I am training for LIFE!

What are you training for?

It is time we all train for life.

A healthy lifestyle will greatly reduce your risks of developing diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer—all of which would greatly impact and decrease your quality of life.

People consistently report that when they have a healthy lifestyle that they have more energy, they feel more productive; they have lower levels of stress, and feel that they are better able to deal with the demands and trials of everyday life. Not only that, but they are also able to enjoy the social, physical, and psychological benefits of being healthy and fit.

Not only does your quality of life greatly improve when you live a healthy and active lifestyle, but research shows that a healthy lifestyle most certainly increases your life expectancy.

I have heard some people unsuccessfully try to rebut this finding by stating that those extra years will just be more years to spend in the nursing home. Some might think this, but once again research has proven that not only does your life expectancy increase and allow you to live longer than the average American, but your quality of life will continue much longer into your later years of life.

Almost everyone will experience a significant medical event as they reach the later years of life. This could be a stroke, a broken hip, a heart attack, cancer, Alzheimer’s, or any other event that would greatly reduce the quality of one’s life. These medical events eventually take such a toll on the individual that we eventually lose them because of the stress they put on our loved ones.

This time is referred to as “end-of-life poor health” or “end-of-life morbidity.”

One of the best benefits of living a healthy lifestyle is that this “end-of-life poor health” is greatly shortened and compressed. Individuals that eat healthy foods in their proper amounts and consistently exercise will add an average of 7 to 13 years to their lives, and on top of that they will also greatly postpone their significant medical event. They will still experience their significant medical event, but the time between it and death is greatly shortened.

So in essence, if you live a healthy lifestyle you will not only experience higher quality of life now but deep into your later years as well. While those your age are starting to go into nursing homes you will still be quite independent, active, and healthy.

You will increase your life by an average of 7 to 13 years so that you can actively be a part of your kids’ and grandkids’ lives for a longer period of time. Then when you leave this life you will experience your significant medical event and go out quickly, all while not causing a huge strain on your loved ones.

That sounds pretty good to me.

The older gentleman was right. He really was training for LIFE!

Being disciplined to consistently eat healthy foods in the proper amounts our bodies need them and engaging in daily physical activity will without a doubt lead to a better life for us and those that we love, now and as we reach the later years of life.
So, the question is, are you training for LIFE?


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