Feeding Your Family

Learn How To Raise Healthy Eaters

This is a video that is inside the 12-Months to WoW Coaching Program. It gives my coaching clients a good foundation for how they can begin to include their family in all of the healthy behaviors that they will be implementing over the 12-month period.

This particular presentation is focused on the kids and how we can lay the foundation that can give our children leadership and a good standing where they can make decisions within a safe and controlled environment that is appropriate to their age and maturity.

There is much more that goes into raising good eaters and helping them to build skills with food, but the topics covered in this presentation lay the foundation for all of it. 

If we mess up with the basics in this presentation, then we will always struggle with our children and their eating habits.

They will need your leadership and they will need autonomy within that leadership to be able to learn and grow and become confident healthy eaters as they grow and mature.

I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you with your kids.